Monitoring and evaluation of projects

We understand the importance of your projects,
so the project is recalculated after each change

and you immediately see the deviation from the plan and the impact on other input factors, capacities, processes and follow-up projects. Detailed statistics and analyzes are available to evaluate the success of projects and learn from possible mistakes.

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Report real time spent on tasks

Employees certainly know how much time they can spend on tasks. Using the system, however, they can also report this time with the help of built-in stopwatches. They can also report time of meetings and absences. Managers thus have an overview of the costs and status of tasks.

Compare different versions of projects

Instant Team allows you to save your actual project plan, planned effort, costs, revenues and profit into an unlimited number of so-called baseline plans. These are then available for comparison with the current plan or with each other. Graphical comparison is available in the project window as individual dashboard and also in the form of a detailed comparison.

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Monitor buffers in projects

Do you also set up buffers for project completion? That is a good idea, and Instant Team will help you keep track of how these buffers change over time. Set a fixed deadline for the project and Instant Team will monitor how much time is left between this deadline and the planned end of the project. If this reserve falls below the level you specify, Instant Team will automatically alert you to this potential issue.

Analyze from the left and from the right

Lovers of statistics and analysis will be thrilled. In Instant Team, you can create reports that display the estimated utilization of departments and employees, progress, reported project work, and other necessary data. You can sort the reports by parameters. View details and summaries, change periods, and view records.

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Don't miss any change

You no longer have to remember and manually record changes. You will find a function in the system called Log. A simple table shows you what an employee has changed in the record. History is also accessible. The system will highlight in bolt new and changed tasks, projects and records that you have not seen before. And if you want, it will send you an e-mail about any changes.

Support management and
maintenance assistant

However, the work often does not end with the end of the project. You can also manage service contracts and requirements in Instant Team. And you can plan and manage the resulting tasks again. For requests, you can record the work performed and the material consumed and print service sheets or issue invoices on this basis.

Do you need to register the devices you take care of as part of service management? You can also do this registration in Instant Team. In addition, you will see which service operations have taken place on which devices, and you can also schedule device maintenance for years ahead.

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I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.