About Heaven Industries

We develop smart software, inspired by clients

We are here to make your work calmer and more efficient. The smart features of our Instant Team software help companies of all sizes. They bring relief from sleepless nights and transfer the organization of your projects from paper to a user-friendly system that displays everything clearly in real time. We would like to introduce you to our company, where we have developed Instant Team for you.

In our technology company, we develop for you our own software solutions.

We want modern technologies and procedures for you, supported by our patented technology.

Our solution is available anytime and anywhere.
Efficiently and comfortably.

Heaven Industries

How it all began

In the year 2000, when the Internet fever was at its peak, experienced programmers Petr Brož and Egon Eckert came up with the idea of creating a tool that would help organize work. It was intended to be an alternative to networked Excel and to bring users more benefits. In today's terminology, we could say that it was a tool for reactive programming.

In the first few years, in addition to developing our unique tool, we were looking for investors. However, after the collapse of the Internet bubble, this attempt failed. That's why we decided to use our tool to start programming a specific application with which we would establish ourselves on the market.

We decided to choose a field with which we already had experience - project management. In 2004, the first version of Instant Team was created, at that time called Instant Project.

"In our software company, we are inspired by what you, our customers, need. That's why we can bring you unique, yet user-friendly solutions."

Who we are

Petr Brož

founder, director and software architect

Egon Eckert

founder, senior consultant

Kateřina Procházková

user support and technical documentation

Michal Červenka

sales and implementation consultant

Petr Doleží

sales director

Kamila Brožová

specialist in audio, video and translation

You, our clients, are our drive.

In the first versions of the software, we were mostly guided by the experience with the applications we worked with before. We took their biggest disadvantages as an example. These were, for example, inflexibility and very demanding use in a team environment. We wanted our software to be the exact opposite. From the beginning, however, we also took into account the needs and ideas of our customers, from whom we still get ideas today. We then integrate them into the application.

At present, our biggest challenge is to meet a wide range of extensive client requirements. So that we put only the functions they need into the program and not apply the ones they do not use.

Your project management, work organization, and other requirements that you share with us help us move our software forward. In the future, we want to become the market leader in project management in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And also try to offer our valuable know-how in neighboring markets.