Case study

History of TESLA Stropkov, a.s.
dates back to 1960.

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At that time, it operated as an electronic plant for the production of telecommunications and signaling technology. In 1964, TESLA established its own research base, which enabled rapid growth.

In the 55 years of its history, the company has undergone many changes. The development and research and production technology of large-scale production, which today corresponds in quality to the European standard, was particularly successful. In addition, TESLA has implemented a certified quality management system.

Today, TESLA Stropkov focuses on telecommunications technology, home communication audio and video systems and other products of an electrical installation nature. It is constantly expanding so processes become more complex. That's why the project managers and management of the company decided that it was time to bring order to the company.

More efficient management is a necessity for a large company

Project management in the automotive field, especially in large companies, requires a really reliable approach and an internal system. Without it, there is a risk that deadlines will fall, processes will not follow each other, and the company's finances will disappear unnecessarily in invisible black holes. Workers of TESLA STROPKOV, a.s. therefore approached us to help them to more effective procedures.

The goal of our efforts was clear. No more wasted time, but clear statistics and organization of work across departments. The first step was to design and adapt the system, which will help to more efficient work and production.

We worked with the TESLA evaluation auditor and found out what the company needs the most. As a result, we have set all processes to run optimally.

Communication between colleagues and efficiency better than ever

According to the requirements and needs of individual departments, we designed a solution for TESLA - the Instant Team Standalone system. But we adapted it exactly as they needed in the company. For example, we knew that it would be used by more employees and the functions had to be set up clearly and for a larger number of accesses. At the same time, we trained the workers on the program so that everyone knew immediately what to do.

The result of our joint work was that the company successfully passed the audit and was able to become one of the suppliers of Group B of the Volkswagen Group. Thanks to the Instant Team system, employees can also focus on really important tasks and give their customers detailed, up-to-date information.

At Tesla Stropkov, what do they value the most

  • The program saves a lot of time and unnecessary costs.Moreover, it is reasonably priced.
  • We were able to adapt it to the company as employees need and add other services.
  • The user interface is similar to the formerly used MS Project system.So everyone will learn to control it.
  • We deployed the system in the corporate network behind the firewall.