Start and initiation of the project

The success of the project begins before it starts,
already at the conclusion of the trade

Therefore, it is important that the sales persons already has tools for rough planning of project deadlines, capacity requirements and financial budget, which then live on with the project and are further developed and updated in subsequent phases, but it is always possible to compare the original idea of the project with its current status.

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Don't invent the wheel again, use
project templates

Creating a detailed project plan can sometimes be a hassle. But why start from scratch when it's not necessary? Start with one of the templates we have prepared for you, or create a template from any of your projects, or just copy an existing project. It will save you a lot of work!

Import the project from elsewhere

If you already have a project schedule in another application, you can transfer it to Instant Team using copy-paste or import. There is a recipe for importing from MS Project.

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Start from the beginning, by managing the business

You can plan projects in Instant Team from the moment of non-binding interest in your services or products. Track business opportunities, share a database of companies and contacts, predict business results and cooperate in closing deals and most importantly do not forget anything important.

Plan already in the business phase

For more complex orders, the trader has the same deadline, capacity and finance planning tools that are then used for project management. He can thus verify the reality of the offered dates in advance and it is also possible to subsequently monitor and analyze how the actual course of the project may differ from the original idea of the trader.

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Create business offers

You will surely appreciate that you can also create quotes in the program and print them using a template, which you can possibly customize to your liking.

Share documents, communication and calendar

No one will be late for the meeting and will not chase you for materials. Project teams can schedule meetings together, share documents, minutes or outputs with each other. Instant Team will also help you arrange a meeting and categorize documents.

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I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.