Case study

Reliable project management
has ensured efficiency improvements

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The company SEA - Chomutov, s.r.o. deals with the design, manufacture, modernization and automation of single-purpose machines and equipment. It is a company that needs to reliably and accurately implement its orders and technical solutions according to plans.

Because the goal of the company SEA - Chomutov is to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. This is also one of the reasons why its representatives have approached us with a request to put in place a system that will put their projects in order.

Busy, overloaded or, on the contrary, unused? Not with Instant Team!

A company for which efficiency and continuity of individual project activities are key must not neglect planning and management. Especially when planning intersects across projects. If we plan a schedule in spreadsheets, or even from the head or on paper, it will never be flexible. Unfortunately, some other programs do not offer us that.

In SEA - Chomutov, it increasingly happened that the projects ran in parallel and some deadlines collided. In companies, this problem often manifests itself in the fact that the machine is booked by more than one person at a time, we have to be in two places at the same time and there is a lot of chaos in orders. Or, on the contrary, it happens that at some point the capacities are not used up, the machines are standing still, and this is depriving the company of profit. Fortunately, SEA - Chomutov decided to solve this problem in time, so they approached us with a request to implement the Instant Team system.

Thanks to the Instant Team and its clever functions, they are able to detect problems with the allocation of free capacities in the company when planning orders. And not only when overloaded, but also when they are not busy. The system is thus a way to efficiency and perfect timing.

I also want to efficiently allocate capacities in projects

Planning as a key feature of Instant Team

The main reason why the company's representatives chose Instant Team was the opportunity to plan projects within the free capacities and prioritization of projects. This means that the system clearly shows who has reserved staff, machines or other necessary project components. According to this, it is possible to plan production or guarantee delivery dates to customers.

In SEA - Chomutov, they decided to use Instant Team mainly for project planning. In addition to our system, they also use the Helios system, for example. If necessary, it will be possible to use Instant Team in other parts of the process in the future.

"When choosing software for project planning and free capacities, we evaluated Instant Team as the best and we would definitely recommend it. At the same time, we praise the absolutely perfect approach of Mr. Brož."

Miloš Jirák, Machine production manager

Relationships between projects clearly

In SEA - Chomutov, clear relations between individual projects are the most praised. Because when using the older system, each project was displayed and planned separately. So it was hard to pay attention to all the connections. In Instant Team, they see the relationships of all projects at once, how they interact and what the capacity is.