Case study

The development of a company required changes in processes.
Instant Team helped

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With every collaboration that works, we have a great feeling that we have helped another client to achieve better work results, a clearer assignment of tasks and a system in order processing. One such cooperation was with VALERON Enviro Consulting.

The company VALERON Enviro Consulting is engaged in project studies for the permitting procedure in the individual stages of preparation and implementation of construction projects. As part of the projects, it prepares air pollution studies, acoustic studies and other expert opinions for the prepared constructions.

What the company needed help with

With the development of the company, the number of clients also increases. This is always a pleasure for all employees, but at the same time with the portfolio, the complexity of the processes also grows. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to plan everything so that projects can be managed efficiently. And because one of the most important values for VALERON Enviro Consulting is meeting the agreed deadlines, the company's representatives decided to resolve the situation before it really became a problem.

At VALERON Enviro Consulting, they tried to manage projects in different ways. With the help of lists, to-do lists, Excel spreadsheets and other planning methods. However, none of them was sufficient and effective for the needs of such complex projects.

The need for change has arisen

At some point, the company's management concluded that if they wanted the company to continue to develop while maintaining product quality, it must implement a professional and effective project management tool. Therefore, they decided to look for one that would meet their demanding requirements and help them meet deadlines.

Searching among tools

And what did the idea of the ideal product look like? It should be mainly suitable for the needs of the company. The supplier's approach also played an important role. The company's representatives wanted a partnership in solving needs and also to be able to influence the final form of the program. And it is in Instant Team that it is possible to customize functionalities according to individual requirements. And so our system won to the fullest.

Instant Team adapts to your company and facilitates project management.

What it can do?

Take a look

Instant Team fit into the company reliably

Implementing such important software into a company is a really important step that we care about. The VALERON Enviro Consulting team is young and dynamic. Plus, the deadlines won't wait! Therefore, the company expected a smooth transition from the new project management system. And that was more or less confirmed.

"All colleagues have learned to work with the system, each at the level needed to perform the work. We entrusted project management to the sales department clerk. During the first year, however, we identified the need to open a new position - Project Manager. We had to completely separate the tasks associated with project management in Instant Team from another agenda and hire a specialist who is fully dedicated to project management."

Mgr. Milan Candrák, managing director

With the Instant Team, changes came to the company

And how has our project management software changed the client's life? Thanks to this, the company definitely decided not only to make changes in project management, but also to change the approach to managing the company as a whole. The tool allowed the client to delegate part of the management tasks to the project manager. The position of the head of the sales department also strengthened. Another positive change was that it minimized the operational decisions of partners, who can thus do more efficient work.

"We see the biggest advantages of Instant Team in the fact that it is a local supplier, which has given us direct access to technical support and system modifications for the needs of our company. The advantage for us was also the price that is much lower than that of the competitors. From the user's point of view, we also consider working in Instant Team easier. For other colleagues, this is a much more understandable program, which is also in Czech."

Mgr. Milan Candrák, managing director

And the company can continue to grow!

Instant Team helped the company manage the development and continue to involve other projects. At the same time, he helped continue to meet the deadlines required by customers.

Thank you! We are looking forward to further cooperation and gradual development of systems according to requirements. We believe that we will continue to bring order and peace to your work.