Case study

Order at work, monitoring deadlines and saving capacities thanks to Instant Team
About cooperation with a client dealing with the production and supply of industrial solutions

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When a company grows, it is a pleasure. However, the number of tasks, demands and employees and the interconnection between the tasks that need to be processed also increase. Organizovaná firma však přináší úspěchy a potenciál pro další rozvoj.

This was exactly the challenge for the company. The company's representatives therefore decided to contact an expert to help them organize their work, increase efficiency and prevent chaos that could occur.

Company organization and deadline control - a clear priority

The company is engaged in the production and supply of industrial scales, subsequent service, repairs and regular inspections.

The gradual growth of the company, the arrival of new employees, new customers, as well as increased customer demands for the quality of goods and availability of service and after-sales services, presented the company with a new task - setting up the company's internal organization. The main goal was the interconnection between the sales, implementation, back-office, dispatching and subsequent after-sales services department. In addition, the company's management introduced a goal - to be paperless and fully digitized within 2 years.

"These are not only our traditional but also new customers, and my opinion is that we are the bearers of expertise. Therefore, we should know what scales and what they use them for, what and when to do with them in terms of maintenance. Simply be their partner and a professional they can rely on."

František B., director of the company

The company lost a lot of time searching for the history of individual orders. Everything was set up in a way that was already obsolete in the 21st century. For example, if another technician or salesman went to the customer, he had to look for a long time for what who was doing or offering there and when. In particular, the last 2 years, associated with frequent lockdowns, travel restrictions, absences and changes in staff requirements and priorities, have shown a clear need for better availability of information, orders and customers history. There was a problem with interdepartmental communication caused by someone being at the home office, treating a family member, ill or on vacation. All these aspects began to threaten the professional impression and the client was looking for a solution to register everything and better link it.

The Instant Team came at the right time

The problem had to be solved. As part of a multinational corporation, the company was to be connected to a parent ERP system with a service and business module in the future. However, this date has been postponed several times. However, the director of the company, Mr. František B., perceived this problem intensively and, on the recommendation of his friend, decided for the Instant Team, mainly due to good experience and a range of customizations.

The deployment went without any problems

And how did the implementation in the company go? We managed everything on the agreed dates, within a month. According to what the employees need, we further adapted the system to the needs of the company and we are still available to the client.

Everyone from the company, whether from the sales team or the service, could bring their knowledge so that we could tune the system to everyone's satisfaction.

"The system is very intuitive and it took me a short time to learn it. I think most employees have gotten used to it, too. Within 14 days we were able to work in it, create offers and tune their format."

František B., director of the company

Easier tracking of changes and customer requirements

In Instant Team, you can easily see if a menu is ready, or find out if someone has created a similar menu and copy it, which saves time and energy. The prices that do not need to be searched in the price list are also clear.

Another advantage that employees in the company praise is that it is not necessary to constantly format some tables and also you can see the requirements of other employees and whether they are ready. It is possible to write to the customer that his request has been received under a certain number, and it is ensured that someone really pays attention to such a request, and that it is always traceable in what condition the request is. Thanks to all this and thanks to other functions, the company is again organized.

The time saved is really noticeable.

In addition to the better organization and clarity that Instant Team brings to the company, the system also saves time.

How does Instant Team save time

  • It is not necessary to constantly format and create texts of offers, they are always nicely structured.
  • The service technicians have the scales registered in the system and the data about them are automatically filled in when writing the calibration sheet, there is no need to rewrite it somewhere.
  • It is not always necessary to ask several employees about the details of the order, because the information about each scale is traceable in the system and is available anytime and from anywhere.
  • The system runs on a cloud, so we don't care about anything.
  • The solution is leased, when the need for change arises, we simply export all the data.

  • "Even before this decision, we spent about a year looking for the optimal solution for our company. It would not keep us, it was in the cloud and accessible to everyone according to the assigned rights, it had a business and service module, it was configurable, partly by us. At the same time not to be too expensive." We tried other systems, but either they were designed for a bidding business or they were very robust and customizing them would cost more than they save." I think that there is no similar product on the market that would meet the requirements of a company that needs to record offers, convert them into realizations, register equipment and monitor deadlines, for example for calibration or the validity of official verification." I therefore recommended and showed Instant Team to other companies where they need similar functions that can be customized."

    František B., director of the company