We bring you a new Instant Team

Version 6.8.3

We are still working to make your work in the Instant Team clear, so that you always have deadlines available and the functions are as useful as possible for you. That's why we're constantly improving the application. We are now coming up with a new version 6.8.3. Read about the latest update.

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New appearance

Greater clarity and more comfortable work brings new appearance of the Instant Team, in which are used brand new icons and color theme. At the same time, the small buttons next to the scrollbar were mostly replaced by large buttons in the toolbar. New tasks can be added to the schedule simply by filling the name in the New Task cell.

Work with attachments

Better orientation in attachments allows their distribution on multiple lines and display the appropriate icon according to the file type.
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Panels in the main window

For faster work, you can display multiple reports at once in the form of panels.

Meeting invitations

More comfortable work is provided by sending meeting invitations, including recording the participants’ responses.
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Revenue and invoicing

The “Customer Relationship Management” module has been expanded with ability to issue invoices and revenue planning and tracking.


When printing, you can hide any column, print columns without customizing the width, and see print preview even when printing to PDF.
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Alerts on task events can now be configured individually by users.

Project templates

You can use 6 pre-built project templates for testing or inspiration.
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