Price list of the hosted version of Instant Team

How much does order at work and excellent project control cost?

Less than you'd expect. The Instant Team program in the hosted version uses cloud servers, so it is actually a lease. It does not cost you more than necessary, and at the same time it is a full version of the software with clear statistics and work organization, which you will find in other versions of our program.

We determine the price of the hosted Instant Team according to the number of named active users and also according to the level of license you choose.

What you will like

  • You don’t need your own servers or technical knowledge.
  • You can use the application faster than you would expect. Within few minutes after payment.
  • Big expenses for the perfect project management system don't have to be a bogeyman for you. With the hosted version, you spread the cost over small fees.
  • The program never gets old. You will always have the latest version.
  • This version is ideal for a smaller number of users.
Functions / level of licensing 60‑day trial Professional Architect
Task planning and monitoring
Conversations on tasks and projects and document sharing
Gantt chart
Baseline plan
Critical path and monitoring of buffers
Financial management
Customer relationship management
Service management
Setting working hours
Change notifications
Reporting of time spent on tasks
Project templates
Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux
Czech, English, German
Adapting reports
Adapting forms
Creating simple user fields and adapting the list of possible values for fields offering a choice from a list
Workflow definitions
Configuration of built-in databases and creating user databases
Adapting of access rights
Data import/export
Batch data import/export
Price with yearly payment
for 5 users per month
$ 0 $ 69.90 $ 115.90
Price with monthly payment
for 5 users per month
$ 0 $ 85.90 $ 129.90
The function is available
The function is not available
If you're using an Instant Team trial account and you've decided to upgrade to a hosted version, that's no problem! Just write to us via the form. Enter your login name, which you use in your trial version.

All prices are listed without VAT.

I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.