We bring you a new Instant Team

Version 6.8.1

We are still working to make your work in the Instant Team clear, so that you always have deadlines available and the functions are as useful as possible for you. That's why we're constantly improving the application. We are now coming up with a new version 6.8.1. Read about the latest update.

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Easier navigation panel

Pro lepší orientaci a práci v Instant Teamu byl výrazně přepracován navigační panel. For better orientation and work in the Instant Team, the navigation panel has been redesigned. Reports are newly categorized into three main categories: "My Work", "Project Portfolio" and "E-mails".

New utilization

Newly prepared report "Resource Utilization" will bring you more clarity, where required data are displayed in the form of clear graphs. Cells are distinctly color-tagged according to whether the resources has scheduled tasks (blue), meetings or leaves (red) and when they are free (green) in the given period.
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Schedule in the project window

For easier work with the project, we extended the project window with "Schedule" tab to quickly find all available informations about the project.

Projects and documents categories

Documents and projects can be classified into categories according to which all reports are then grouped.
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Workflow for tasks

More comfortable work with tasks brings new workflow where the name of the operation expresses the action for the task.

Service management

We have newly prepared a “Service Management” agenda for you, including product database, contracts, requirements and templates. Activate it in Tools / Workgroup / Configuration / Service Management.
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Direct color settings in reports

To make the reports more conspicuous, the color rules are available from the shortcut menu.