Project management organized and under control

How to know it's time for a change

Many business owners, project managers, and other responsible employees are wondering when is the best time to get a project management system and organize business tasks. You may be wondering if you need such a system at all and if it is not unnecessary for you. Let's look at the main signals that can motivate you to change.

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Managing projects is becoming more and more challenging

If your business is doing well, it's great and congratulations! But with the growth, new people often come to the company, there are more and more contracts and projects that intersect. Capacities can intersect, so you will find, for example, that you need one worker or device in two places at once. This is a signal that something is not as it should be.

The project management system gives you control over deadlines over time, recalculates for you when people have time or when production machine capacity is free. And everything will always be up to date!

Misunderstandings arise and documents are lost

Who should have reserved the company car? What time is the department meeting scheduled? Which version of the document is the most current? And where is it stored? Such chaos is common in some companies.

But it costs time, energy and corporate finances. It is clearer and easier to have communication, documents and meetings in the system, in one place and under control. You and the staff can then dedicate their energy to work.

People keep asking questions and you don't know what to do first

Do you have days when you have no time just because someone keeps asking about project details, meetings, dates, deadlines or capacities? At some point, it is no longer possible to carry everything in your head, monitor changes, or write data to tables and recalculate everything manually. If you are also experiencing this problem, it is time to do something about it.

Capacities can no longer be monitored

Maybe you know that too. Someone wants to allocate a machine to their project and book a worker, but a larger order comes or the worker falls ill and everything has to be recalculated in a complicated way. Manually, at the table or even in the head.

However, important aspects can be forgotten, such as the priority of another project or the urgency of the customer. But it is also not necessary to carry capacities in the head or on paper. The smart system recalculates everything for you with regard to priorities, vacations, illnesses or other situations.

Do you experience such situations?

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People don't know what to do

In some companies, people are assigned to tasks according to projects. If it happens that the workers come to work and do not know what they are working on and what is already done, something needs to be done about it. When everything can be entered into the system, it will not be necessary to remember this information, but you will have everything in sight with the overall planning and other necessary data.

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Can't sleep because of work? The solution is a clear project management system

If you count dates in the evening instead of sheep, it's wrong. For you and your company. Instant Team is here mainly to relieve you of all difficulties and to be able to go home every day with a clear head. It watches over everything for you, creates plans for you, alerts you to illnesses and holidays, or you can monitor cash flow thanks to it. And much more.

The time to get a system for organized project management is actually at any time. This can ease a lot of worries and start solving problems before they occur. But when capacities, deadlines and other things start to grow over your head, don't hesitate long. Instant Team will take over all projects for you. You and your employees can do your job in peace.

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