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We bring you a new Instant Team version 6.9.0

Formatted text

The new version includes rich text support, ie. setting text font, color, indent, bullet, paragraph numbering, embedded images, and web links.

At the moment, formatted text is available when you set up print headers and footers, and in project and task notes.

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Journal of changes

All changes to data are now journaled. In addition to the user and the time the record was last modified, a detailed overview of all users who changed the record and what were the original values of the changed fields is now available.

An analytical report is then available for administrators to examine and search for changes across all records.

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New search

The ability to search for text in records has also been significantly improved. The search box is now prominently available in each report, searching all text fields at once, and displaying results much faster and clearer.

In addition, search across all record types is also available.

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Export to MS Project

Projects can now be exported to the MS Project XML format.

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Report with incompleteness progress

To compare the baseline and actual progress of the project, there is a chart of the development of the baseline and current progress, showing clearly how the project should be gradually completed and what was the actual progress and current outlook.

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Resource utilization in project

The resource utilization can be also analyzed within the window of a particular project. This analysis shows not only the tasks of the project, but also the overall utilization by other projects and other activities.

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Received invoices

When the Customer Relationship Management module is turned on, the agenda of received invoices is now available.

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Printing of issued invoices

When the Customer Relationship Management module is turned on, professional printing of issued invoices is also available.

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