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Projects under control and perfect communication in the company.

Want more. Want Instant Team!

Data will no longer be lost. End shifting terms and losing data. Everyone knows what parts of the project they are working on and how the other workers are doing. Instant Team is created for project management and takes care of everything for you!
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Why Should You Want Instant Team?

It will simplify your work and life
Everyone can work with the Instant Team program in a moment. The user interface is friendly and you will definitely like it. Even big changes in projects are simple. Finally, everything will be clear! In addition, we will adapt the system to you as you wish.
Everyone will know what to do
Collaborating on a project has never been easier. Everyone on the team will have an overview of their tasks. Leaders will know how others are doing and can adapt their tasks. In addition, you can also discuss the tasks through comments. Also share documents, emails and appointments for even greater visibility.
You will be more efficient thanks to planning
Plan through all projects in a few clicks. The automatic scheduler will automatically suggest a schedule according to your workload and relationships, as well as your capacity. A range of settings is also available to make your system fit you perfectly. Statistics and analyzes are also available.

What else do you get? Take a look at the main features

What's new in the world of Instant Team

We have a new client - ORKÁN plus, s.r.o.


The company ORKÁN plus, s.r.o. was established at the beginning of 1995 by joining experts with many years of experience in the field of accounting and tax issues in order to provide comprehensive accounting and tax services for businessmen and companies. With the help of Instant Team, they will manage their orders in the company.

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We have a new client - OctopusPro s.r.o.


OctopusPro s.r.o. provides comprehensive solutions for real estate companies and brokers, investment companies, experts and appraisers, banks, media, those interested in comprehensive real estate market analysis and others interested in the real estate market. With the help of Instant Team, they will manage their orders in the company.

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We have a new client - PRECIA MOLEN CZ s.r.o.


PRECIA MOLEN CZ is a traditional weighing company with worldwide representation. It offers professional scales and weighing equipment for all industries. It applies a high level of expertise in its own research and development. With the help of Instant Team, they will manage sales and service in the company.

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