Keep your projects up to date and under control - here and now

Don't carry your project in your head anymore.
Instant Team will carry it all for you
and you can work in peace.

Keep your projects up to date
I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.

What does project management for those who want more look like?

Start and initiation of the project

Start and initiation of the project

The success of the project begins before it starts, when the contract is signed. Therefore, it is important that the sales persons already has tools for rough planning of project deadlines, capacity requirements and financial budget, which then live on with the project and are further developed and updated in subsequent phases, but it is always possible to compare the original idea of the project with its current status.

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Planning deadlines, capacities and finances

Plan through all projects in a few clicks. The automatic scheduler will automatically suggest a schedule according to your workload and relationships, as well as your capacity. A range of settings is also available to make your system fit you perfectly.

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Planning deadlines, capacities and finances
Project management and evaluation

Project management and evaluation

We understand the importance of your projects, so after each change the project is recalculated and you immediately see the deviation from the plan and the impact on other input factors, capacities, processes and follow-up projects. Detailed statistics and analyzes are available to evaluate the success of projects and learn from possible mistakes.

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Instant Team in numbers:

We have been developing
Instant Team for

16 years

Active users
we have more than

1 250

Improvements developed
in the last year


Number of projects and tasks
that the Instant Team controls

100 000

Today, they work more efficiently in the following companies:

Reming consult a.s.
ŽOS Trnava a.s.

" Instant Team is used by over 100 of our users from all over the Czech Republic. One of the main features that I appreciate the most is the ability to adapt the Instant Team configuration to current needs without having to contact an IT professional. For example, when I need to categorize according to a new criterion, it is very easy and fast to add this criterion to the Instant Team."

Ondřej Navrátil, sales director, LKQ CZ s.r.o.