Case study

The company Auto Kelly has, a.s. knows probably
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Since 1994, it has been operating on the Czech market as a specialist in bodywork and soon became the fastest growing importer and distributor of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles, motorcycles and trucks. Auto Kelly also has subsidiaries in Slovakia and Bulgaria.

As Auto Kelly is the largest distributor in the Czech Republic with its 77 branches, it was important to find a suitable CRM system for this company. That is why we have designed a system for this important company that will suit him.

Sales department and orders under control

A fast-growing company needs to be clear in its orders. Especially in the sales department. Therefore, its representatives were looking for a system in which it will be possible to manage projects, purchase and fulfill other demanding tasks of such a large company at the same time.

When the managers of the Auto Kelly company contacted us, we set ourselves the task of fulfilling everything they need in the company for clear and efficient work. At Instant Team, we customized the project management and CRM system. However, our work did not end there. We adapted the system in the following years as well, and together with the client searched how the Instant Team could be an even better tool for his company.

Today, in addition to the sales department, Auto Kelly's fully customized Instant Team also has a purchasing, marketing and IT department and is used by more than 450 employees. In addition, it is connected to other information systems that Auto Kelly uses and they use it in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

At Auto Kelly, what do you value the most

  • That the system can be adapted.
  • No wasted time, but efficiency in exchanging and sharing information.
  • Help from quality technical support.