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Instant Team - Advantages

Unlimited number of users

Instant Team is a tool for all members of the project team. Information sharing and project collaboration is not an additional feature of the application but a central concept.

What's more, Instant Team is available on a per user licensing scheme as well as in an unlimited users licensing scheme. You thus don't have to solve the dilema whether to provide access to the application and its corresponding benefits to really all members of the project team and interested parties.

Don't limit yourself! Give all members of your team access to up-to-date information whenever and whereever they need it. The team will pay you back by pulling in the same direction.

Unlimited number of projects

Instant Team is designed to manage portfolio of projects. Projects can be organized in a hierarchy and their number is not limited. What's more, access rights for individual users can be different from project to project.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux

Instant Team is platform independent. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux at the moment. Features are identical on all systems.

English, German, Czech

The system, including full documentation and support is available in English, German and Czech.

Integration with Active Directory

Signing in to Instant Team is possible through Kerberos and centrally managed accounts, such as accounts managed by Active Directory.

High level of security

All communication with the server is protected by an industry standard 128-bit encryption. Passwords are not stored nor transmitted in plaintext. Instead, the system works only with their digests calculated by a standard SHA-1 algorithm.

Anytime/anywhere access

Instant Team is hosted on our servers and is available to you over the Internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your data are not locked in your computer, quite the opposite. You can access them anytime from anywhere. When your computer crashes you don't have to worry about your project data since they are stored on secured servers that are backed up regularly. You don't have to worry about system upgrades and data migration, all is handled by us.

The system is optimized for communication over slow lines and you can thus enjoy its comfort in the office with a broadband connection as well as while traveling and connecting over your cell phone. You can access you project data anytime, without any limitations.

Fully customizable

All Instant Team features can be customized, new features can be added and others, that are not used, removed. Customization capabilities include:

  • Customizable navigation - including management of favorite items
  • Customizable reports - including filtering, grouping, conditional color formatting, badges display, font settings, time series comparisons and data visualization in the form of tables, lists, calendars and bar, line, level, pie, map, gauge and heading charts
  • Customizable access rights - including the creation of new user roles, restricting access to specific fields and/or reports and access rights definitions based on data filters
  • Customizable fields - including customizable picklists, calculated fields, currency handling, aggregations, multivalue fields and fields linking two databases
  • Customizable Gantt chart - including color settings
  • Customizable screens - including the creation of new tabs and restructuring of the existing tabs and manual or conditional hiding of screen sections
  • Customizable databases - including the creation of new record types and their integration with existing records
  • Customizable workflow - that means tasks or other records automatically generated according to predefined rules

High user comfort regardless of connection speed

Instant Team is a native application for Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux based on asynchronous communication with a server accessible over the LAN or the Internet.

All communication with the server happens asynchronously in the background, you don't have to spend endless seconds and minutes waiting for the server.

Data, that you need, are automatically downloaded to your computer in the background and they are kept there for repeat access and are automatically synchronized when updated.

Because is is a native application, it offers comfort that you have over the years learned to expect from native applications, comfort that other Internet applications, based on HTML, don't deliver. That includes:

  • Browsing reports using the scrollbar instead of the obsure <Next> and <Prev> buttons
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Floating tooltips
  • Inline editing values directly in reports
  • Incremental text search
  • Drag & drop
  • Undo
  • Printing to PDF
  • Mass record editing