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9 main advantages of the Instant Team system

Instant Team is here for you and for your more convenient and efficient project management. We have assembled features to let you know what to expect when you use the system. It will save you time, simplify work and save you a lot of worries. And much more!

1. Add as many users as you need
Instant Team software allows you to add all members of the project team without restriction. You can share information with them and collaborate on the project as on a central concept. You can get Instant Team with a license for an unlimited number of users, so you won't have to deal with the dilemma of whether everyone who will work on the project will fit into it.

In addition, everyone can have access to where they need it and where it suits them. In the office, at home and in the meeting room.

2. An unlimited number of projects that will not hamper you
Instant Team allows you to manage the entire portfolio of projects. You can organize them hierarchically and not limit yourself to their number. And if you need to, you can grant users different rights.
3. All the operating systems you need
Instant Team is here for you on all platforms. It is suitable for Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux users. You will see the application functions identically on all systems.
4. Czech, English and German
For all those who need to negotiate with foreign colleagues, we have designed the system to be available in Czech, English and German. This includes documentation and support.
5. Integration with Active Directory
You can log in to Instant Team through the Kerebros standard and centrally managed accounts, such as accounts managed by Active Directory.
6. Your data will be alright
Sleep peacefully, without fear of data leakage. All communication with the server is provided by industry-standard 128-bit encryption. It does not store your passwords or communicate in a readable form. Works only with their fingerprints, obtained by the standard SHA-1 algorithm.

7. Connect wherever you need to
Because the hosted Instant Team package is hosted on our servers, you have it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, the data is not trapped in the computer. Exactly opposite! You can access them from anywhere and anytime. If your computer crashes, your data is safe on secure servers, which are also backed up regularly.

In addition, the system is designed also for those who are often on the road. You can use it on the Internet at work and where you will be connected via mobile phone, at the same speed. So you have access to your project data still, without restrictions.
8. Customize the system to project, not the project to system
You can customize everything you find in the Instant Team. You can also add or remove features you don't need.

You can customize these options:
  • In-app navigation, including management of favorite items.
  • Reports, including filtering, grouping, and conditional color formatting. You can also customize the badges display, font settings, time series comparisons and complete the visualization of data in the form of tables, lists, calendars and bar, line, level, pie, map, gauge and heading charts.
  • Access rights, including the creation of new roles. You can also restrict access to selected fields and reports, or define access rights using filters.
  • Fields, including selection lists, calculated fields, currency handling, aggregations, multivalued fields, and fields linking two databases.
  • Gantt chart including color differentiation.
  • A screen where you can create new tabs or rearrange existing ones. You can also customize manual or conditional hiding of screen sections.
  • A database that allows you to create completely new types of records and link them to existing ones.
  • Workflows, tasks, or other records that are generated according to predefined rules.

9. A slow connection will no longer restrict you
You no longer need to spend unnecessary minutes waiting for a server response, at which moreover sometimes lose data. Instant Team communicates with servers in the background. The computer automatically downloads the data you need and are automatically synchronized when updated.

Instant Team offers features that HTML-based applications do not allow. For example, you can:
  • Scroll through the reports with the classic scroll bar instead of the buttons.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use floating tooltips.
  • Edit values directly in reports.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Go back to the action performed.
  • Print in PDF format.
  • Change mass multiple records at once.