7 main advantages of the Instant Team system

Instant Team is here for you
and for your more convenient and efficient project management.

We have assembled features to let you know what to expect when you use the system. It will save you time, simplify work and save you a lot of worries. And much more!

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You always have projects up to date

Things never go exactly the way you planned. That's why many people give up project planning because they've experienced that the expensive time they spend on project planning can be useless tomorrow. Changing the plan and rescheduling all the related things is too time consuming in common tools such as Excel, but also most project planning tools.

However, Instant Team has been developed from the beginning to eliminate this problem. You can even update the project plan several times an hour, and all dependencies will be recalculated immediately and the plan will be adjusted automatically. But that doesn't mean you don't know yesterday's plan tomorrow. Only what affects the change is always recalculated.

You do not plan projects individually, but together in the context of other projects

Individual projects or contracts may seem independent at first glance, but they usually use common resources - labor or machinery - and thus influence each other. If work on one project is delayed, this does not necessarily mean that only this project is delayed, but a machine that was already supposed to work on another job will not be available and therefore this second job will also be delayed. Therefore, it is not enough to plan individual projects separately.

In Instant Team, all projects share resources, so you can easily take these dependencies into account in your plans.

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You don't have to have a oracle ball

Predicting the future - and therefore project planning - is extremely difficult. But because Instant Team allows you to easily change project plans at any time and recalculates all the links and dependencies according to your specifications, the first version of the plan may not be completely accurate and detailed.

You can start with a rough plan with the main areas of action planned for the company's department and gradually work out, if necessary, a detailed plan for specific employees. And when you're wrong, you can easily incorporate any new information into your plan at any time.

Involve all team members in the projects.

Forget e-mails informing employees about new projects and their involvement and informing you about work they have already completed.

In the Instant Team, every employee knows exactly what to work on, and their tasks are clearly arranged according to how important they are. They all work with the same up-to-date information towards a common goal. And you can write information about the progress or questions directly to the task, and these will always be traceable to everyone.

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You have projects linked to sales and support and maintenance

A successful project begins long before its first task begins. That's why Instant Team includes a customer relationship management module that gives salespeople, among other things, the same project planning and budgeting tools that are used later in project implementation and evaluation.

And the end of the project often does not end the work, because the project output usually requires follow-up support and maintenance, which is also usually done by the same staff who work on the projects. That's why Instant Team also includes a support and maintenance management module, integrated with project capacity management.

You will adapt the system
to your ideas

We know very well that no two companies work exactly the same. That's why we've developed Instant Team since the beginning so that you can easily customize it. Start by making small adjustments to the look of your reports, you can continue with brand new reports, removing fields you don't need, and adding new ones that are important to your business. The possibilities of customizing the application are almost limitless.

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You can easily connect the system with your other systems

You can export and import data in a variety of formats, run it manually or on schedule at the required times, and e-mail or share it on the Web. Supported formats include HTML, Atom, LDIF/LDAP, CSV, SQL, JSON or iCalendar. In addition, Instant Team is integrated with QR codes.

And what the Instant Team can do?

From project initiation, deadline planning, capacity utilization, financial management, project collaboration, project monitoring and evaluation to adaptation and integration with other applications.