We bring you a new Instant Team

Version 6.11.1

We are still working to make your work in the Instant Team clear, so that you always have deadlines available and the functions are as useful as possible for you. That's why we're constantly improving the application. We are now coming up with a new version 6.11.1. Read about the latest update.

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QR payments

Do you want to make payments easier for your customers, so that they pay on time and with pleasure? Invoices now print with a QR code for payment, so customers just point their phone at it and their banking app takes care of the rest.

Email reminders

If some still don't pay, you can set up automatic email reminders in Instant Team.
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Working with prices in the service

You can now choose whether the service sheets contain only quantity data or also prices.

Loading data from ARES

Tired of looking up customer billing information on the web and rewriting it in Instant Team? All you have to do now is enter the customer's ID number and the rest will be filled in automatically according to the data in the ARES register.
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