Capacities utilization

Planning one small project
may seem simple.

But what if there are dozens of them running in parallel and the same workers working in them, or sharing the same machines, interacting? Instant Team exploits resource capacities across all projects and takes into account their priorities, working hours of resources and absences.

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Check work capacity

After assigning tasks to resources, the system will start monitoring their capacity utilization across all projects. You have an immediate overview of whether you have sufficient capacity for the planned projects, or where resources need to be added.

Do not allow resources to be overloaded

You also have the option to schedule deadlines automatically so that resources are not overloaded. The system then automatically finds the nearest available date and schedules the task for it. You can choose from uninterrupted planning to the exact specified capacity (type G and H), planning with the possibility of interruption to the exact specified capacity (type C and E) or flexible planning up to a maximum of the specified capacity (D and F).

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Schedule tasks where
multiple resources need to work together

Are there activities in the project where multiple resources have to work together at the same time, for example, does more workers are needed to assemble a large machine, or is a specific machine and its operator needed to complete the task? Assign the task to multiple resources and the system will check if everyone has enough capacity, or schedule it immediately on a date when everyone has time off.

Plan "roughly" on group resources

Resources do not have to represent individual workers or machines, but also, for example, a group of workers with the same qualifications, a company department, a set of identical machines, etc. And you can advantageously combine group resource planning and specific detailed resources.

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Prioritize capacities between projects and tasks

You determine which tasks will have priority in capacity utilization - use project priorities or the priorities of individual tasks. Does a project need to have a higher priority? No problem. Just change the priority of the project and there will be a rescheduling and you will see what impact this change will have on this project, but also on all other projects.

Keep track of vacations and other absences

It will no longer happen that you will count on a colleague who has just approved vacation or is in training. The system counts with tasks, holidays or appointments and shows you a collision. In addition, it automatically recalculates when one of your colleagues is ill. This feature is the next step to your clear head. Employees create vacation or training requests and you can only approve them.

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I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.