Comparison of Instant Team with other systems

A clear schedule of work, thanks to which everyone will know what to do. Ability to set the license as it suits you. Or availability for all operating systems and approval tasks with which you won't miss a thing. There are systems that bring all these clever features (and many more) to your company and make your work tidy. You may be wondering what to buy for your job. We have prepared a clear table where you can see a comparison of our Instant Team program with the most common systems. You will see what it offers you and how it performs compared to other systems.
  Easy Project Instant Team MS Project
Hosted / licenses Easy Project (may be purchased for individual users) Instant Team Hosted (may be purchased for individual users) MS Project Online (may be purchased for individual users)
Standalone / licenses Easy Project (may be purchased for individual users) Instant Team Standalone (unlimited number of users) MS Project & SharePoint Server 2013 (may be purchased for individual users)
Type of application Web application Installed application Installed + web application
Price of the online version (monthly payment in $)* Starting at 270 / 10 users Starting at 69.90 / 5 users 29 / user
Price of the standalone version (lump-sum payment in $)* Starting at 3,666 / 10 users Starting at 8,590 / unlimited number of users 13,248 Server + 183 / user (Server = 6,016 Project Server 2013 + 7,232 SharePoint Server 2013)
Payment for licenses Lump-sum, yearly, monthly Lump-sum, yearly, monthly Lump-sum, yearly, monthly
Free trial period 14 days 60 days 30 days
Number of active projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Operating system Windows, Linux Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux Windows
Implementation services
Bulk editing
Undo function
Keyboard shortcuts
Changing hierarchies using drag and drop
Financial management      
Anticipated and actual costs
Approval of costs
Monitoring costs
Cost rate for people
Monitoring revenue
Project management      
Critical path
Portfolio management
Project hierarchy
Project templates
Project Copy/Clone
Baseline plans and comparisons
Gantt chart
Automatic project planning
Resource management      
Events / vacation (holiday leave)
Calendar of resources
Graph of use of resources
Authorized user groups
Authorized users
Inter-project resource utilization
Automatic use of resources
Task management      
Comments on tasks
User assignment
Repeating tasks
Subtasks / hierarchies
Duration of tasks
Notification about tasks
Task templates
Change notifications
Approval of tasks
(on-line version only)
Other functions      
Customer relationship management
(paid, separate database from project management)
Service management
E-mail / Ticket

Language versions
Customization of panels
Customization of the environment
Custom fields
File administration      
Connecting a file to a task
Comments about files
Organizing of files

(+ SharePoint server)
Upload multiple files
Export CSV/Excel
Export HTML
Import CSV/Excel
Integration with third-party calendar applications (MS Outlook, Google Calendar...)
Instructional materials      
User’s manual
Instructional videos
The function is available
The function is not available
The comparison has been drawn from publicly available sources valid as of August 1, 2015.

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