An implementation that pays off

The transition to a project management system does not hurt

You no longer manage a large number of tasks and project management is becoming more and more demanding? You may have thought of purchasing an internal system for your company, which will make your work easier. But many people fear that moving to it would cost their company not only finances but also valuable time. However, investing in a quality internal project management system pays off and no big obstacles await you in the end.

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We can say that in the transition to a project management system, the vast majority of things are without complications. In just a few days after the transfer, everyone knows what to do, knows the dates and follow-up of the activities and manages their work without any problems. At the same time, all employees are relieved because they know they will be able to do their job and not lose important information.

How long the system integration takes

A smooth transition to the new system is the most important thing on the way to your quieter work. That is why we always try to discuss with clients in advance what awaits them and how long the implementation will take. But it depends on the complexity of operations in your company, the number of items that the system will include and also the number of employees. And so implementation time is an individual matter.

But you don't have to worry. In the vast majority of cases, the transition is smooth. Employees are pre-trained for all necessary functions, so they can work with the system without undue delay after deployment to the company.

How is the system deployed in companies

In the first phase, we will talk about your idea of what the system should know, who will use it in their work and in what way. It will be clear what roles people will have in the company when using the system. This will determine what functionalities the employees will need for more efficient work and also how the project processes in your company are currently taking place. Thanks to this, we can adapt everything and prepare training for everyone who will use the system.

We continue with data migration and, if necessary, also with integration with other systems. The next step is to prepare the basic system settings and prepare project templates and templates for your print documents.

Pilot operation, in which you try everything and verify that everything is intuitive and simple, takes place with several key users. This will fine-tune processes, reports, as well as important permissions. Subsequently, we will train the rest of the staff to understand the system and we can go into operation!

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3 steps to prepare for the new system

You may be wondering what you can do to make the transition to a new project management system as easy as possible.

  1. We recommend all clients to test the system themselves. A 60-day trial, which is free of charge, will help you with this.
  2. The next step, which will make the whole process easier for you, is to set a clear goal for the deployment of the system. Therefore, at the very beginning, determine in your company what the implementation should focus on and what steps we can postpone to later stages. We will divide the individual phases in this way.
  3. Choose someone who will take care of the deployment of the system. It is good that he has enough experience and authority to do so. It is not just about deploying software, but also about a big change in the organization of work. At the same time, choose someone who can pass on such a change to your company.

And what is most important? We will be with you!

The most important thing for you is that you will not be alone when switching to a new company system. We will not let you get lost in a lot of data and we will not allow confusing processes to get back into the organization of work. We will be with you from the initial consultation to the commissioning, we will explain everything to you and adapt your work to your needs.