Financial management

a financial budget for the project,

just enter the hourly resource rate, add material costs and subcontracting. You can then easily monitor its implementation throughout the project and across projects.

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Keep costs under control

Enter the hourly staff rate or material costs into the Instant Team. The system automatically calculates your estimated and actual costs so you can track revenue and profit.

Cash flow management

Enter the parts by which and on what dates you expect invoicing, and the system will also help you with planning and monitoring cash flow.

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Link projects to invoicing

You will create invoices for projects, you can track received invoices, receivables and payables.

Connect the Instant Team with the bank

You can easily create a bulk order from Instant Team to pay received invoices. And you can also link it to your bank and automatically import payment information and match it to invoices. Instant Team can then automatically send e-mail reminders for unpaid overdue invoices.

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You can automatically load customer billing data from ARES

Tired of looking up customer billing information on the web and rewriting it in Instant Team? All you have to do is enter the customer's ID number and the rest will be filled in automatically according to the data in the ARES register.

I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.