Cooperation on projects

Involve all team members
in the projects.

Do you dream of a perfect organization of work? That everyone will know what to do, no one will miss the deadline, and all follow-up activities will be updated when one of the workers needs more time or gets sick? That's exactly what you get with the Instant Team.

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Involve all team members in the projects.

Every employee knows exactly what to work on, and their tasks are clearly arranged according to how important they are. They all work with the same up-to-date information towards a common goal.

Pass tasks seamlessly to each other

The employee must take over the new tasks and send them back to the project manager for approval. The manager can deactivate any employee's task at any time, modify its assignment and send it again for acceptance by the employee. Everyone has also the opportunity to propose a new task to the project, and the project manager can approve it with one click and thus make it a common task, or approve it after modifications, or easily reject it.

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Communicate effectively

Stop using confusing e-mails for project communication. You can write information about the progress of the task in the form of notes directly to the task and these notes will always be traceable to everyone. If you need to ask something about the task, just indicate in the note the user who is to be notified. You can use formatting, attach files, and images in notes.

Don't miss any appointment or task

You no longer have to look after the employees yourself. The system itself will inform you that someone has not met the deadline. In addition, it notifies you of task rejections and completions, takeovers, completed tasks, schedule conflicts and meeting invitations. And if you don't use Instant Team regularly, you can also receive notifications via email or mobile.

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I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.