Project management software - an investment that will pay off for you

We all want to be efficient, productive and have deadlines under control. But sometimes we can't do everything ourselves. Especially when there are more projects and the volume of work is growing. Fortunately, there are smart programs that help smaller and larger companies with the organization and management of projects. And not only in work planning, but also in analysis, in sharing important documents, in capacity planning and in many other matters.

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However, implementing new software in a company is a cost for the company that needs to be considered. Are you hesitant to go for it? We will show you that this investment will really pay off for you! Especially in cases where you use inefficient spreadsheets or you try to carry all the worries with projects in your head.

Are you looking for a project management software that pays off for you?

Instant Team will bring peace to your work and save you the cost of inefficient tasks.

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How much unnecessary work costs you?

Do you have any idea how much it costs your company per month to reschedule work in spreadsheets? Or how much do you lose by the misunderstandings that arise because you didn't realize that you would need certain capacities elsewhere? We could certainly find many such inefficient gaps.

Let's try to give a simple example. Suppose a sales hour of a developer or other professional costs $ 22. Even if he/she spend a single hour a week checking the current status of a project and updating offline spreadsheets, monitoring how other employees are working, or finding out if he will already have the part of the project he is waiting for, it will cost your company those $ 25. That is, an hour that a worker could spend working on contracts.

This is still much more than the monthly cost of Instant Team project management. Even in the highest version, it will cost you only $ 27.90 per employee with an annual payment. In addition, your work will be calmer, more efficient and less energy intensive. You can dedicate this to more important tasks. Therefore, investing in Instant Team project management software pays off for your company.

How much does Instant Team cost

$ 69.90*

$ 115.90*

* Price for 5 users when paying the hosted version for an annual period. You will find more information in our price list.

What Instant Team can help you the most?

  • Better supervision of deadlines.Workers see if the part they need to have done is already in the process.
  • More efficient communication across the company and document sharing in projects.
  • Products and contracts directly in the database.

  • More productive work and reporting of time spent on tasks.
  • Ongoing financial control and cost monitoring.
  • More peace of mind at work and less worries in your head.
  • ...and much more!