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We will teach you how to work with the Instant Team program in one day

Deploying our project management software in your company is not difficult. Thanks to customized training, everyone can easily learn to work with the Instant Team. In a single day, we will show you how the program is controlled and where you will find all the functions and help you integrate the system into the daily operation of the company. You will find that control is easy and intuitive.

We offer training of our online software in two variants

We can train you online or we will come directly to your company. We will customize all possibilities and operations to each user and set everything from colors to roles in the company. Just choose the training variant that suits you.

Project management with Instant Team

This training lasts one day and can be attended by up to 10 employees. The price of this training is $nbsp;1,090.

What we will look at:

  • Basic operation
  • Project settings
  • Adding tasks
  • Working with task hierarchies
  • Working with repeated tasks
  • Entering dependencies
  • Critical path
  • Print Gantt chart
  • Setting up resources
  • Comparison with the baseline plan
  • Recording progress
  • Assigning tasks to resources
  • Resources utilization
  • Project calendar
  • Administration of my tasks
  • Approval of tasks
  • Creating work reports
  • Using stopwatches
  • Absences
  • Copying of tasks
  • Instant Team customization

    We will manage this training in one day and can be attended by up to 10 employees. The price of this training is $nbsp;1,090.

    What we will look at:

  • Instant Team architecture
  • Setting up users’ accounts
  • Adapting databases
  • Adapting fields
  • Adapting the appearance of entries
  • Adapting reports
  • Setting up filters
  • Adapting graphs and reports with the part on the right
  • Formula editor
  • Adapting colors
  • Adapting roles
  • Automatic entries
  • Adapting operations
  • Using maps
  • Adapting options
  • Working with imports and exports
  • Working with history fields
  • Localization of texts
  • Integration with e-mails
  • Adapting installation

  • All prices are listed without VAT and do not include travel expenses.
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