Customization and integration with other applications

You can
customize everything you find in the Instant Team

You can also add or remove features you don't need. And, of course, also connect Instant Team with your other business applications.

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Are the reports prepared in the application not enough for you?

Customize them or create your own Use filtering, grouping, and conditional color formatting. You can also customize the badges display, font settings, time series comparisons and complete the visualization of data in the form of tables, lists, calendars and bar, line, level, pie, map, gauge and heading charts. You can also edit Gantt chart including color differentiation.

Do you not like the prepared forms?

You can easily customize existing windows.

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Connect and integrate what you need

You can export and import data in a variety of formats, run it manually or on schedule at the required times, and e-mail or share it on the Web. Supported formats include HTML, Atom, LDIF/LDAP, CSV, SQL, JSON or iCalendar. In addition, Instant Team is integrated with QR codes.

Adapt the
system to the company
, not the company the system

You can customize almost anything in the Instant Team. For example access rights, including the creation of new roles. You can also restrict access to selected fields and reports, or define access rights using filters. Then the fields, including selection lists, calculated fields, currency handling, aggregations, multivalued fields, and fields linking two databases. But also databases that allows you to create completely new types of records and link them to existing ones. You can also customize workflows, tasks, or other records that are generated according to predefined rules.

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Integration with Active Directory

You can log in to Instant Team through the Kerberos standard and centrally managed accounts, such as accounts managed by Active Directory.

I also want to keep my projects up to date and be cool

60 days overview of all dates, capacities, inputs and outputs about each project and completely free.