Case study

Company Plemdat, s.r.o. was established
by the Czech-Moravian Breeders' Association in 1997.

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The main activity of the company is routine processing of breeding and race data, which are used mainly by CMSCH, breeders' associations, breeders and the State Veterinary Administration.

The data obtained in this way help particularly in the performance control and in the determination of breeding values (eg. production signs, reproduction, exterior, milkability, yield, etc.) including in connection with the international genetic evaluation of cattle Interbull.

What solution was needed at Plemdat, and how was it implemented?

In relation with the development of the company and the arrival of new employees, it was decided to implement a project management system. Instant Team was chosen from the offered solutions for a wide range of offered functions, localization and technical support in Czech language. After a brief initial setup and expansion among all employees, the operation of the company was made more transparent and more efficient. The elimination of everyday unproductive activities of the company was also a great benefit. Instant Team has also contributed to better resource capacity planning, detailed monitoring of projects progress when comparing actual and baseline plans, and evaluating project results.

Given the size of the company a solution Instant Team Hosted was provided, and over time the service management system should be used. Thank you to Plemdat, s.r.o. for providing ongoing feedback and assistance with system development.

At Plemdat, what do they value most

  • Implementation of required new functionalities.
  • System flexibility.
  • Technical support.