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Case study - CD Profil

CD Profil, s.r.o.
CD Profil was founded in 1994 and has seen significant development during its time on the engineering and metalworking market. From the beginning the company is mainly focused on rolling thin-walled steel profiles. It is the main product of the company activities, one that is widely used in various industries. In 2008 the company expanded its range with the production of highly sophisticated welded profiles.

CD Profil represents an efficient and flexible company which constantly expands. It employs modern technologies and continuously complements their portfolio. The innovative approach of the company is documented by the fact that some of its machinery equipment is custom designed and partially even produced in-house.
What solution was needed at CD Profil, and how it was implemented?
The company gradually grew with the increasing volume of production. The need for project management grew to prominence mainly in connection with the development of new products. New production launches are mostly connected with large capital investments which must be tightly controlled and information about them accessible from one central place. With the increasing number of new projects there are also more frequent time-mixed tasks of individual projects. Hence, the company sought a tool for their coordination and decided to implement a corporate project management system.

During the software selection process, the emphasis was placed on the the program functionality. An important criterion was also adaptability of the software for the specific company production processes and the possibility of its implementation into real operation. Considerable role was of course the price of licenses and the possibility of deployment within the corporate network. Of these parameters and in comparison with competing applications Instant Team won.

An advantage before purchase was also a non-binding testing period. Heaven Industries then provided training for the employees of CD Profil but it was necessary to count with some transition period. Whenever there was an issue that employees were not able to solve on the basis of their knowledge and experience, application support always helped a lot. They provided consulting several times and they were always able to properly and adequately explain everything we needed. Instant Team was finally mastered by all employees whose job makes them come in contact with the program. After some time, working with the Instant Team has become a daily routine.
At CD Profil, what do they value the most?
Instant Team software mainly helps to better plan and subsequently control the time sequence of individual steps in the project. Each project team member has the opportunity to determine at any given time what phase the project is currently in and what next steps await him.

Instant Team allows continuous monitoring of the various phases of the project which helps us to focus on the elimination of any time delays. One can accurately calculate the duration of the project before its launch. Customers can get a better view of the scheduling constraints whether in the preparation phase or during the implementation. Other benefits of the software, which is now firmly implemented into the business process structure, are continuously monitored and evaluated.