Case study

Since its founding in 1994, the company CD - profil, s.r.o.
has managed a lot.

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Through significant development, it has also achieved a leading position in the field of engineering and locksmithing. From the very beginning, CD - profil has focused mainly on the rolling of thin-walled steel profiles, which help in various areas of industry. In 2008, it was time to expand the offer to include highly sophisticated production of welded profiles.

The CD - profil constantly introduces new technologies and focuses on innovation. In addition, they design and manufacture selected machinery directly in the company. In a company that is constantly evolving and needs maximum efficiency and flexibility, there is a growing need to control project management.

Increasing work requires more control over projects

It's great when companies are doing well and production is increasing. Another effect is more projects and employees. The connections between the individual tasks intersect at the same time.

As the company's production increased, considerable investments also came into play. It had to be kept under control and in one place, including detailed information. All this requires a reliable and clear program that will take care of corporate project management.

The company's requirements were clear. It will not work without adaptability.

When the company CD - profil selected software that would help to manage complex work effectively, they emphasized functionality. It was important that the software could be adapted to specific production and that it could be easily implemented in real operation. Of course, the price of licenses and the ability to deploy software within the corporate network also played a role.

These were the parameters discussed by the company's representatives. When they compared the functionalities of our program with competing applications, Instant Team became the clear winner.

Other advantages were decisive

An indisputable advantage, which was in favor of our software, was the possibility of non-binding testing, during which they could try out all the functions in the company. Managers liked the system and then we could train all employees so that everyone could learn to control the program and be able to fulfill their tasks in the company, participate in projects and be able to communicate with members of their team. After a while, everyone learned to work with the program and it became a daily routine for them, which brings peace and order to their work.

At CD - profil, what do they value the most

  • In particular, Instant Team allows employees to better plan and control the order of important steps within the project.
  • Everyone can also easily find out what stage the project is at.
  • At the same time, workers know what activities await them in the future. This is useful, for example, when a worker is waiting for someone else to finish the job and needs to schedule additional subtasks.
  • In addition, the Instant Team program allows workers to monitor project phases on an ongoing basis to see if everything is going according to schedule.
  • When one of the workers is on time slip, the others know about it. Thanks to this, it is also possible to determine the completion of the project before its launch and to inform customers about the time context of implementation.