We bring you a new Instant Team

Version 6.10.1

We are still working to make your work in the Instant Team clear, so that you always have deadlines available and the functions are as useful as possible for you. That's why we're constantly improving the application. We are now coming up with a new version 6.10.1. Read about the latest update.

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Create multiple records from the clipboard at once

Do you already have a list of project tasks written somewhere else, for example in Excel? Just select the list, copy it to the clipboard and then paste it into the "New Task" cell in Instant Team. And you can easily modify the structure of the project using the shortcuts Shift+Alt+→ a Shift+Alt+← to indent and outdent the task in the hierarchy.

History of field changes in the form of a floating tooltip

If you want to find out who changed the value of any field and when, you no longer need to look it up in the change history of the entire record. Just hover your mouse over the field name and a floating tooltip will appear with the change history of that field.
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Automatic formatting and other text formatting improvements

Writing nicely formatted texts is even easier. Instant Team now automatically detects text that looks like a web link and formats it right away. When you start a paragraph with the number 1, it automatically switches to paragraph numbering, and when you start with a hyphen or an asterisk, it automatically formats the bullets. Conversely, if you don't like the formatting, the shortcuts Shift+Ctrl+T to cancel the formatting and Shift+Ctrl+V to paste the text from the clipboard without formatting are now available.

Task suggestions

Involve all team members in creating the project plan. Everyone now has the opportunity to propose a new task to the project, and the project manager can approve it with one click and thus make it a common task, or approve it after modifications, or easily reject it.
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Resource utilization with colors by projects

The utilization of projects is now even easier to understand, because for each resource you will know which project it works on in a given period, according to the color. And if you have a lot of resources, you can divide them into folders - categories and easily view the utilization only for the selected resource category.

Details of the task schedule and priority tasks

A new subwindow has been created in the task window that displays the details of the task schedule, and in which you can easily find out why the task is scheduled the way it is. You can mark manually scheduled or already started tasks here as a priority task - so you will not get into a situation where the system will use the resources of tasks from other projects for the time of the manually scheduled task, the deadline of which you cannot change, or for the time when work on the task has already started.
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Opportunity breakdown and printing of quotes

Do you also use Instant Team for customer relationship management? Then you will surely appreciate that now you can also create quotes in the program and print them using a template, which you can possibly customize to your liking.

Device management

Do you need to register the devices you take care of as part of service management? Now you can also record these in Instant Team. In addition, you will see which service operations have taken place on which devices, and you can also schedule device maintenance for years ahead.
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Monitoring of project buffers

Do you also set up buffers for project completion? That is a good idea, and Instant Team will now help you keep track of how these buffers change over time. Set a fixed deadline for the project and Instant Team will monitor how much time is left between this deadline and the planned end of the project. If this reserve falls below the level you specify, Instant Team will automatically alert you to this potential issue.